Guy Beveridge, Strategos International

Trainer Guy Beveridge tells a group of pastors not to be “sheep that just sit out there and get slaughtered.”

Strategos International’s Guy Beveridge encouraged a group of Texas pastors to have a service mindset and take action to protect their congregations, reports the Copperas Cover Leader Press.

Beveridge, director of Business Development for Strategos, said churches have become complacent.

“He [God] doesn’t want us to be sheep that just sit out there and get slaughtered. That’s not what it’s all about.”

He said the foundational mindset of a church security team must be the desire to serve and protect.

“Beveridge said he often gets asked what the first thing a church should buy for security and safety – whether it’s a gun or a medical kit. ‘I tell them you need a towel,’ Beveridge said. ‘Because this ministry, the safety and security ministry – it’s not just something you show up and do on Sunday. It’s a ministry – starts with service first. Serve people.'”

He also referenced the recent attack on a church in White Settlement, Texas, where two members of the congregation were killed by a gunman. A member of the church’s security team returned fire and killed the assailant. The incident lasted only six seconds.

“You only get that resolution in six seconds by training,” Beveridge said. “It doesn’t just happen.”

Beveridge, who is also a  Coryell County (Texas) constable, emphasized that concealed carry training is inadequate for the challenges of church security. Advanced training is needed.

He said church security should never conflict with the culture and mission of the church. Houses of worship can be secure yet welcoming.

“People nowadays, especially after the news coverage, want to show up to safe and secure worship space,” Beveridge said. “They want to have the freedom to worship God.”

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About Guy Beveridge
With a background in military and civil special operations, Beveridge is an internationally known trainer, speaker, professional security consultant and a licensed master peace officer in Texas. He is an expert in security management, crime, loss prevention, investigations, and crisis response. Beveridge has managed security projects, both national and international, for businesses that top the Fortune 500 list. He specializes in prediction, recognition, and evaluation of crime risk. He is the director of Business Development for Strategos International.

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