The Don’t Get Shot Response Cap (DGS)


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On-scene armed response protectors in plain clothes have unique challenges. They’re not only responding to de-escalate a lethal threat but want to avoid being misidentified as the attacker – leading to a “blue on blue” or (un)friendly fire casualty. Strategos has a solution, taking a cue from Israeli security teams. Israeli protectors issue their school-based armed protectors a bright yellow baseball cap so that they stand out in a crisis.

We set out to create this cap in an extremely intentional manner with functionality first in mind. Its compact and rolls up. It’s small front bill allows the hat to fit easily into your pants pocket. In addition to its fluorescent yellow contrast, the cap features large black letters that say “SAFETY TEAM.”

It‘s designed to be rolled up from the rear to the front and then placed in either the front or rear non-firearm side of your pants with the bill facing up. It can be quickly removed from your pocket and placed on your head with only one hand while your dominant hand is holding a firearm.

This cap is designed for plain clothes armed protectors, whether they are serving a church, school or law enforcement. This is an inexpensive, effective solution that brings peace of mind for anyone concerned about “blue-on-blue” (un)friendly fire incidents.

Verification of your assignment to a security, safety or law enforcement team or organization is required prior to shipping.